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This database contains various files with good practices that companies have undertaken in order to promote the equality between women and men in their organization.

The size of the organisations as well as the type of campaign may differ. Large multinationals, but also local SMEs or cities and municipal authorities; all have made their contribution to this database.

The actions vary from specific projects, for which extra budgets are sanctioned, to simpler initiatives without a budgetary impact, in various domains (mobility, promotion, training, etc.). In other words, something for everyone!

Due account has been taken of the transferability of the actions in the composition of the database. If you wish to implement an action in your own company, it is necessary for you to take into account that all initiatives must be checked against your own corporate culture. Equality between women and men must be introduced in organisations in a tailor-made manner.

How to access the good practices on the website?

Good practices in a specific domain can be selected by using the keywords from the selection list. These keywords are for example: change of mentality, recruitment and selection, training, networks, top management, flexible working, remuneration policies.

The keywords (and the good practices to which they are assigned) are catalogued in several larger domains:

  • breaking of traditional role patterns,
  • the offer and improvement of career prospects for women,
  • the harmonisation of work and family,
  • the improvement of working conditions.

If you do not click on any keyword from the selection list, all the actions in the database will be displayed.

What do the files contain?

Each good practice on this website contains the following standard headings:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Sector
  • Number of employees
  • Description and goal of the action(s)
  • Target audience of action(s)
  • Implementation process
  • Success factors, challenges and facilitating factors
  • Results

In addition, each good practice is assigned one or more keywords and also includes a link to the organisation.

Retrieving company data or complaints about good practices?

The contact information of the person responsible for these actions within the companies may be requested from the Institute for the equality of women and men.

If you have a complaint about the actions undertaken, you can also notify this to

Are you yourself a victim of discrimination based on gender?

If you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace, you may request advice from the Legal Unit of the Institute for the equality of women and men.

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